Our mission is to help organizations focus on their core challenges by removing hassle from their administrative processes. We do so by enabling the seamless and trusted exchange of documents, payments and identities. By building bridges across the financial value chain, we enable information and transactions to flow freely and unlock insights, leading to better business decisions.

Isabel Group operates digital platforms to aggregate and integrate payments, identities and documents across 65 000 businesses, 3 000 accounting firms, 150 software partners and 30 banks. Our team of 300+ experts delivers Belgium’s largest trusted market infrastructure, embedded in a unique, regulated financial ecosystem with European reach, licensed by the National Bank of Belgium.

Our market-leading solutions – including Isabel 6, Ibanity, CodaBox, ClearFacts, Ponto, BookMate, SignHere and ZoomIt – all focus on creating business value by aggregating, facilitating and automating access to payments, documents and identities across the financial supply chain.

For more information, go to www.isabelgroup.eu