Application Engineer Corporate Identity & Zoomit

As a member of the Application Engineer Team (that itself is part of the IT Operations department), you provide applicative support to a number of business units.
Main activities
  • Manage the day2day:
    • Incident, problem and change management
    • Deploy new releases
    • Troubleshoot issues
      • Performance
      • Functional flows
      • Applicative
    • Support during operational tests like HA, performance, pen testing
    • Duty 24 x 7 (each 6 to 7 weeks)
  • Engineering role:
    • Application management
      • set up new / upgrade existing applications
      • application hardening
      • support the preparation and the actual cutover of pre-production and production environments
      • automate application setup and management through ansible scripts
    • Collaboration with operational and development teams:
      • introduce and elaborate on stories and epics (e.g. non-functional requirements, infrastructure requirements)
      • suggest and implement improvements to the applications (e.g. in terms of logging, monitoring)
      • provide technical support
    • Participate in sprint meetings and standups
  • At least 3 years experience in an application support function
  • Knowledge profile
    • Must, knowledge of/experience with
      • Linux
      • HTTP, TCP/IP
      • General security concepts (PKI, IAM, network security)
    • Strong plus, knowledge of/experience with:
      • Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift
      • Automation through ansible
      • Setting up or maintaining OpenAM (version 5 or higher)
      • Openldap and/or OpenDJ
    • Plus, knowledge of/experience with:
      • Federated Authentication protocols (oauth2, oidc)
      • Openstack
      • F5 LTM
      • Working with git, building packages, release branches
      • Attlassian suite
    • Good communication and documentation skills
    • Familiar with working in an agile context and a multidisciplinary team
    • Fluent in English with good command of Dutch or French
Why choose Isabel? 
  • You will work for the first & leading Fintech of Belgium (°1995). We know our stuff and we can rely on an eco-system of strategic partners to work with…
  • …and we look ahead and think about our customers’ future needs when developing new features and portals.
  • During lunch, you can attend knowledge sharing sessions at the company. Next to these IsaTalks sessions, we currently have seven Communities of Practice you can join.
  • It takes about 42 steps from Brussels Central Station to our front door.
  • Naturally, you will receive a competitive salary package with company car and accompanied by fringe benefits. You will start with at least 30 days of holiday and the possibility to work from home.

Isabel Group was founded in 1995 at the initiative of the major banks, its shareholders, and became the leading provider of multi-bank internet and mobile banking services for professional users in Belgium. 75,000 users and 30,000 customers including major companies, SMEs, schools, the self-employed, and government agencies are able to choose the best products and services offered by over 25 banks at the best conditions. The Isabel 6 solution enables 400 million secure transactions to be processed every year, for a total value of 2,600 billion Euros.

Isabel is also the driving force behind Zoomit, the free Internet and Mobile Banking service used by 13 banks which enables invoices to be quickly and easily paid with a single click. Zoomit is used by 900,000 consumers and processes 95 million documents every year from over 100 different senders of invoices and payslips.

Isabel Group employs 250 experts, its registered office is located in the heart of Brussels and it achieved a turnover of 55.24 million Euros in 2014, more than a third of which was entirely invested into innovation.